Do Phan Hoi

Do Phan Hoi


bonjour, hi.


I grew up in a traditional Vietnamese household, and along the way, I picked up some non-traditional hobbies that have nothing to do with Medicine such as street dancing and photography. Since then, I have been competing in the street dance community for the past 10 years and I represent the Funny Bones Crew collective (Los Angeles, CA). As of photography, over the years, I have fiddled with various styles, but I quickly found my calling: capturing the beauty in movement. This has lead me to work with some prestigious institutions such as Place des Arts, Hip-Hop International, Tangente Danse, Adidas Canada and hopefully many more in the future!

Today, I am lucky to be able to run a client-oriented creative business in parallel with my Engineering studies enrolment.



Movement, portraiture, still life




clients & partners

  • adidas Montréal

  • 100lux

  • Hip-Hop International Canada

  • Urban-Element Zone

  • 8-Count Dance Complex

  • Festival Unlock The Funk

  • Festival Jack of All Trades

  • On Point! Battle

  • La Preuve

  • Forward Movements

  • Université du Québec (UQAM)

  • Université Guy-Concordia

  • La Belle Tonkinoise

  • Fabergé

  • Marché des Éclusiers

  • Les Ingénieuses (École de technologie supérieure)

  • Tangente Danse

  • Place des Arts